Source code for robot.running.status

#  Copyright 2008-2015 Nokia Networks
#  Copyright 2016-     Robot Framework Foundation
#  Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
#  you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
#  You may obtain a copy of the License at
#  Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
#  distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
#  See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
#  limitations under the License.

from robot.errors import ExecutionFailed, PassExecution
from robot.utils import html_escape, py2to3, unic

[docs]@py2to3 class Failure(object): def __init__(self): self.setup = None self.test = None self.teardown = None def __nonzero__(self): return bool(self.setup or self.test or self.teardown)
[docs]@py2to3 class Exit(object): def __init__(self, failure_mode=False, error_mode=False, skip_teardown_mode=False): self.failure_mode = failure_mode self.error_mode = error_mode self.skip_teardown_mode = skip_teardown_mode self.failure = False self.error = False self.fatal = False
[docs] def failure_occurred(self, failure=None, critical=False): if isinstance(failure, ExecutionFailed) and failure.exit: self.fatal = True if critical and self.failure_mode: self.failure = True
[docs] def error_occurred(self): if self.error_mode: self.error = True
@property def teardown_allowed(self): return not (self.skip_teardown_mode and self) def __nonzero__(self): return self.failure or self.error or self.fatal
class _ExecutionStatus(object): def __init__(self, parent=None, *exit_modes): self.parent = parent self.children = [] self.failure = Failure() self.exit = parent.exit if parent else Exit(*exit_modes) self._teardown_allowed = False if parent: parent.children.append(self) def setup_executed(self, failure=None): if failure and not isinstance(failure, PassExecution): self.failure.setup = unic(failure) self.exit.failure_occurred(failure) self._teardown_allowed = True def teardown_executed(self, failure=None): if failure and not isinstance(failure, PassExecution): self.failure.teardown = unic(failure) self.exit.failure_occurred(failure) def critical_failure_occurred(self): self.exit.failure_occurred(critical=True) def error_occurred(self): self.exit.error_occurred() @property def teardown_allowed(self): return self.exit.teardown_allowed and self._teardown_allowed @property def failures(self): return bool(self.parent and self.parent.failures or self.failure or self.exit) def _parent_failures(self): return self.parent and self.parent.failures @property def status(self): return 'FAIL' if self.failures else 'PASS' @property def message(self): if self.failure or self.exit: return self._my_message() if self.parent and self.parent.failures: return self._parent_message() return '' def _my_message(self): raise NotImplementedError def _parent_message(self): return ParentMessage(self.parent).message
[docs]class SuiteStatus(_ExecutionStatus): def __init__(self, parent=None, exit_on_failure_mode=False, exit_on_error_mode=False, skip_teardown_on_exit_mode=False): _ExecutionStatus.__init__(self, parent, exit_on_failure_mode, exit_on_error_mode, skip_teardown_on_exit_mode) def _my_message(self): return SuiteMessage(self).message
[docs]class TestStatus(_ExecutionStatus): def __init__(self, parent, test): _ExecutionStatus.__init__(self, parent) self.exit = parent.exit self._test = test
[docs] def test_failed(self, failure): self.failure.test = unic(failure) self.exit.failure_occurred(failure, self._test.critical)
def _my_message(self): return TestMessage(self).message
class _Message(object): setup_message = NotImplemented teardown_message = NotImplemented also_teardown_message = NotImplemented def __init__(self, status): self.failure = status.failure @property def message(self): message = self._get_message_before_teardown() return self._get_message_after_teardown(message) def _get_message_before_teardown(self): if self.failure.setup: return self._format_setup_or_teardown_message(self.setup_message, self.failure.setup) return self.failure.test or '' def _format_setup_or_teardown_message(self, prefix, message): if message.startswith('*HTML*'): prefix = '*HTML* ' + prefix message = message[6:].lstrip() return prefix % message def _get_message_after_teardown(self, message): if not self.failure.teardown: return message if not message: return self._format_setup_or_teardown_message(self.teardown_message, self.failure.teardown) return self._format_message_with_teardown_message(message) def _format_message_with_teardown_message(self, message): teardown = self.failure.teardown if teardown.startswith('*HTML*'): teardown = teardown[6:].lstrip() if not message.startswith('*HTML*'): message = '*HTML* ' + html_escape(message) elif message.startswith('*HTML*'): teardown = html_escape(teardown) return self.also_teardown_message % (message, teardown)
[docs]class TestMessage(_Message): setup_message = 'Setup failed:\n%s' teardown_message = 'Teardown failed:\n%s' also_teardown_message = '%s\n\nAlso teardown failed:\n%s' exit_on_fatal_message = 'Test execution stopped due to a fatal error.' exit_on_failure_message = \ 'Critical failure occurred and exit-on-failure mode is in use.' exit_on_error_message = 'Error occurred and exit-on-error mode is in use.' def __init__(self, status): _Message.__init__(self, status) self.exit = status.exit @property def message(self): message = super(TestMessage, self).message if message: return message if self.exit.failure: return self.exit_on_failure_message if self.exit.fatal: return self.exit_on_fatal_message if self.exit.error: return self.exit_on_error_message return ''
[docs]class SuiteMessage(_Message): setup_message = 'Suite setup failed:\n%s' teardown_message = 'Suite teardown failed:\n%s' also_teardown_message = '%s\n\nAlso suite teardown failed:\n%s'
[docs]class ParentMessage(SuiteMessage): setup_message = 'Parent suite setup failed:\n%s' teardown_message = 'Parent suite teardown failed:\n%s' also_teardown_message = '%s\n\nAlso parent suite teardown failed:\n%s' def __init__(self, status): while status.parent and status.parent.failures: status = status.parent SuiteMessage.__init__(self, status)