Source code for robot.output.console.verbose

#  Copyright 2008-2015 Nokia Networks
#  Copyright 2016-     Robot Framework Foundation
#  Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
#  you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
#  You may obtain a copy of the License at
#  Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
#  distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
#  See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
#  limitations under the License.

import sys

from robot.errors import DataError
from robot.utils import (get_console_length, getshortdoc, isatty,

from .highlighting import HighlightingStream

[docs]class VerboseOutput(object): def __init__(self, width=78, colors='AUTO', markers='AUTO', stdout=None, stderr=None): self._writer = VerboseWriter(width, colors, markers, stdout, stderr) self._started = False self._started_keywords = 0 self._running_test = False
[docs] def start_suite(self, suite): if not self._started: self._writer.suite_separator() self._started = True, suite.doc, start_suite=True) self._writer.suite_separator()
[docs] def end_suite(self, suite):, suite.doc) self._writer.status(suite.status) self._writer.message(suite.full_message) self._writer.suite_separator()
[docs] def start_test(self, test):, test.doc) self._running_test = True
[docs] def end_test(self, test): self._writer.status(test.status, clear=True) self._writer.message(test.message) self._writer.test_separator() self._running_test = False
[docs] def start_keyword(self, kw): self._started_keywords += 1
[docs] def end_keyword(self, kw): self._started_keywords -= 1 if self._running_test and not self._started_keywords: self._writer.keyword_marker(kw.status)
[docs] def message(self, msg): if msg.level in ('WARN', 'ERROR'): self._writer.error(msg.message, msg.level, clear=self._running_test)
[docs] def output_file(self, name, path): self._writer.output(name, path)
[docs]class VerboseWriter(object): _status_length = len('| PASS |') def __init__(self, width=78, colors='AUTO', markers='AUTO', stdout=None, stderr=None): self._width = width self._stdout = HighlightingStream(stdout or sys.__stdout__, colors) self._stderr = HighlightingStream(stderr or sys.__stderr__, colors) self._keyword_marker = KeywordMarker(self._stdout, markers) self._last_info = None
[docs] def info(self, name, doc, start_suite=False): width, separator = self._get_info_width_and_separator(start_suite) self._last_info = self._get_info(name, doc, width) + separator self._write_info() self._keyword_marker.reset_count()
def _write_info(self): self._stdout.write(self._last_info) def _get_info_width_and_separator(self, start_suite): if start_suite: return self._width, '\n' return self._width - self._status_length - 1, ' ' def _get_info(self, name, doc, width): if get_console_length(name) > width: return pad_console_length(name, width) doc = getshortdoc(doc, linesep=' ') info = '%s :: %s' % (name, doc) if doc else name return pad_console_length(info, width)
[docs] def suite_separator(self): self._fill('=')
[docs] def test_separator(self): self._fill('-')
def _fill(self, char): self._stdout.write('%s\n' % (char * self._width))
[docs] def status(self, status, clear=False): if self._should_clear_markers(clear): self._clear_status() self._stdout.write('| ', flush=False) self._stdout.highlight(status, flush=False) self._stdout.write(' |\n')
def _should_clear_markers(self, clear): return clear and self._keyword_marker.marking_enabled def _clear_status(self): self._clear_info() self._write_info() def _clear_info(self): self._stdout.write('\r%s\r' % (' ' * self._width)) self._keyword_marker.reset_count()
[docs] def message(self, message): if message: self._stdout.write(message.strip() + '\n')
[docs] def keyword_marker(self, status): if self._keyword_marker.marker_count == self._status_length: self._clear_status() self._keyword_marker.reset_count() self._keyword_marker.mark(status)
[docs] def error(self, message, level, clear=False): if self._should_clear_markers(clear): self._clear_info() self._stderr.error(message, level) if self._should_clear_markers(clear): self._write_info()
[docs] def output(self, name, path): self._stdout.write('%-8s %s\n' % (name+':', path))
[docs]class KeywordMarker(object): def __init__(self, highlighter, markers): self._highlighter = highlighter self.marking_enabled = self._marking_enabled(markers, highlighter) self.marker_count = 0 def _marking_enabled(self, markers, highlighter): options = {'AUTO': isatty(, 'ON': True, 'OFF': False} try: return options[markers.upper()] except KeyError: raise DataError("Invalid console marker value '%s'. Available " "'AUTO', 'ON' and 'OFF'." % markers)
[docs] def mark(self, status): if self.marking_enabled: marker, status = ('.', 'PASS') if status != 'FAIL' else ('F', 'FAIL') self._highlighter.highlight(marker, status) self.marker_count += 1
[docs] def reset_count(self): self.marker_count = 0