Source code for robot.conf.settings

#  Copyright 2008-2015 Nokia Networks
#  Copyright 2016-     Robot Framework Foundation
#  Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
#  you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
#  You may obtain a copy of the License at
#  Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
#  distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
#  See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
#  limitations under the License.

import os
import random
import sys
import time

from robot.errors import DataError, FrameworkError
from robot.output import LOGGER, loggerhelper
from robot.result.keywordremover import KeywordRemover
from robot.result.flattenkeywordmatcher import validate_flatten_keyword
from robot.utils import (abspath, create_destination_directory, escape,
                         format_time, get_link_path, html_escape, is_list_like,
                         py3to2, split_args_from_name_or_path)

from .gatherfailed import gather_failed_tests, gather_failed_suites

class _BaseSettings(object):
    _cli_opts = {'RPA'              : ('rpa', None),
                 'Name'             : ('name', None),
                 'Doc'              : ('doc', None),
                 'Metadata'         : ('metadata', []),
                 'TestNames'        : ('test', []),
                 'TaskNames'        : ('task', []),
                 'ReRunFailed'      : ('rerunfailed', 'NONE'),
                 'ReRunFailedSuites': ('rerunfailedsuites', 'NONE'),
                 'SuiteNames'       : ('suite', []),
                 'SetTag'           : ('settag', []),
                 'Include'          : ('include', []),
                 'Exclude'          : ('exclude', []),
                 'Critical'         : ('critical', []),
                 'NonCritical'      : ('noncritical', []),
                 'OutputDir'        : ('outputdir', abspath('.')),
                 'Log'              : ('log', 'log.html'),
                 'Report'           : ('report', 'report.html'),
                 'XUnit'            : ('xunit', None),
                 'SplitLog'         : ('splitlog', False),
                 'TimestampOutputs' : ('timestampoutputs', False),
                 'LogTitle'         : ('logtitle', None),
                 'ReportTitle'      : ('reporttitle', None),
                 'ReportBackground' : ('reportbackground',
                                       ('#9e9', '#f66', '#fed84f')),
                 'SuiteStatLevel'   : ('suitestatlevel', -1),
                 'TagStatInclude'   : ('tagstatinclude', []),
                 'TagStatExclude'   : ('tagstatexclude', []),
                 'TagStatCombine'   : ('tagstatcombine', []),
                 'TagDoc'           : ('tagdoc', []),
                 'TagStatLink'      : ('tagstatlink', []),
                 'RemoveKeywords'   : ('removekeywords', []),
                 'ExpandKeywords'   : ('expandkeywords', []),
                 'FlattenKeywords'  : ('flattenkeywords', []),
                 'PreRebotModifiers': ('prerebotmodifier', []),
                 'StatusRC'         : ('statusrc', True),
                 'ConsoleColors'    : ('consolecolors', 'AUTO'),
                 'StdOut'           : ('stdout', None),
                 'StdErr'           : ('stderr', None),
                 'XUnitSkipNonCritical' : ('xunitskipnoncritical', False)}
    _output_opts = ['Output', 'Log', 'Report', 'XUnit', 'DebugFile']

    def __init__(self, options=None, **extra_options):
        self.start_timestamp = format_time(time.time(), '', '-', '')
        self._opts = {}
        self._cli_opts = self._cli_opts.copy()
        self._process_cli_opts(dict(options or {}, **extra_options))

    def _process_cli_opts(self, opts):
        for name, (cli_name, default) in self._cli_opts.items():
            value = opts[cli_name] if cli_name in opts else default
            if isinstance(default, list):
                # Copy mutable values and support list values as scalars.
                value = list(value) if is_list_like(value) else [value]
            self[name] = self._process_value(name, value)
        self['TestNames'] += self['ReRunFailed'] + self['TaskNames']
        self['SuiteNames'] += self['ReRunFailedSuites']

    def __setitem__(self, name, value):
        if name not in self._cli_opts:
            raise KeyError("Non-existing option '%s'." % name)
        self._opts[name] = value

    def _process_value(self, name, value):
        if name == 'ReRunFailed':
            return gather_failed_tests(value)
        if name == 'ReRunFailedSuites':
            return gather_failed_suites(value)
        if name == 'LogLevel':
            return self._process_log_level(value)
        if value == self._get_default_value(name):
            return value
        if name == 'Doc':
            return self._process_doc(value)
        if name == 'Metadata':
            return [self._process_metadata(v) for v in value]
        if name == 'TagDoc':
            return [self._process_tagdoc(v) for v in value]
        if name in ['Include', 'Exclude']:
            return [self._format_tag_patterns(v) for v in value]
        if name in self._output_opts and (not value or value.upper() == 'NONE'):
            return None
        if name == 'OutputDir':
            return abspath(value)
        if name in ['SuiteStatLevel', 'ConsoleWidth']:
            return self._convert_to_positive_integer_or_default(name, value)
        if name == 'VariableFiles':
            return [split_args_from_name_or_path(item) for item in value]
        if name == 'ReportBackground':
            return self._process_report_background(value)
        if name == 'TagStatCombine':
            return [self._process_tag_stat_combine(v) for v in value]
        if name == 'TagStatLink':
            return [v for v in [self._process_tag_stat_link(v) for v in value] if v]
        if name == 'Randomize':
            return self._process_randomize_value(value)
        if name == 'MaxErrorLines':
            return self._process_max_error_lines(value)
        if name == 'RemoveKeywords':
        if name == 'FlattenKeywords':
        if name == 'ExpandKeywords':
        if name == 'Extension':
            return tuple(ext.lower().lstrip('.') for ext in value.split(':'))
        return value

    def _process_doc(self, value):
        if os.path.exists(value) and value.strip() == value:
                with open(value) as f:
                    value =
            except (OSError, IOError) as err:
                raise DataError('Reading documentation from an external file failed: %s'
                                % err)
        return self._escape_doc(value).strip()

    def _escape_doc(self, value):
        return value

    def _process_log_level(self, level):
        level, visible_level = self._split_log_level(level.upper())
        self._opts['VisibleLogLevel'] = visible_level
        return level

    def _split_log_level(self, level):
        if ':' in level:
            level, visible_level = level.split(':', 1)
            visible_level = level
        self._validate_log_level_and_default(level, visible_level)
        return level, visible_level

    def _validate_log_level_and_default(self, log_level, default):
        if log_level not in loggerhelper.LEVELS:
            raise DataError("Invalid log level '%s'" % log_level)
        if default not in loggerhelper.LEVELS:
            raise DataError("Invalid log level '%s'" % default)
        if not loggerhelper.IsLogged(log_level)(default):
            raise DataError("Default visible log level '%s' is lower than "
                            "log level '%s'" % (default, log_level))

    def _process_max_error_lines(self, value):
        if not value or value.upper() == 'NONE':
            return None
        value = self._convert_to_integer('maxerrorlines', value)
        if value < 10:
            raise DataError("Option '--maxerrorlines' expected an integer "
                            "value greater that 10 but got '%s'." % value)
        return value

    def _process_randomize_value(self, original):
        value = original.lower()
        if ':' in value:
            value, seed = value.split(':', 1)
            seed = random.randint(0, sys.maxsize)
        if value in ('test', 'suite'):
            value += 's'
        if value not in ('tests', 'suites', 'none', 'all'):
            self._raise_invalid_option_value('--randomize', original)
            seed = int(seed)
        except ValueError:
            self._raise_invalid_option_value('--randomize', original)
        return value, seed

    def _raise_invalid_option_value(self, option_name, given_value):
        raise DataError("Option '%s' does not support value '%s'."
                        % (option_name, given_value))

    def __getitem__(self, name):
        if name not in self._opts:
            raise KeyError("Non-existing option '%s'." % name)
        if name in self._output_opts:
            return self._get_output_file(name)
        return self._opts[name]

    def _get_output_file(self, option):
        """Returns path of the requested output file and creates needed dirs.

        `option` can be 'Output', 'Log', 'Report', 'XUnit' or 'DebugFile'.
        name = self._opts[option]
        if not name:
            return None
        if option == 'Log' and self._output_disabled():
            self['Log'] = None
            LOGGER.error('Log file is not created if output.xml is disabled.')
            return None
        name = self._process_output_name(option, name)
        path = abspath(os.path.join(self['OutputDir'], name))
        create_destination_directory(path, '%s file' % option.lower())
        return path

    def _process_output_name(self, option, name):
        base, ext = os.path.splitext(name)
        if self['TimestampOutputs']:
            base = '%s-%s' % (base, self.start_timestamp)
        ext = self._get_output_extension(ext, option)
        return base + ext

    def _get_output_extension(self, ext, type_):
        if ext != '':
            return ext
        if type_ in ['Output', 'XUnit']:
            return '.xml'
        if type_ in ['Log', 'Report']:
            return '.html'
        if type_ == 'DebugFile':
            return '.txt'
        raise FrameworkError("Invalid output file type: %s" % type_)

    def _process_metadata(self, value):
        name, value = self._split_from_colon(value)
        return name, self._process_doc(value)

    def _split_from_colon(self, value):
        if ':' in value:
            return value.split(':', 1)
        return value, ''

    def _process_tagdoc(self, value):
        return self._split_from_colon(value)

    def _process_report_background(self, colors):
        if colors.count(':') not in [1, 2]:
            raise DataError("Invalid report background colors '%s'." % colors)
        colors = colors.split(':')
        if len(colors) == 2:
            return colors[0], colors[1], '#fed84f'
        return tuple(colors)

    def _process_tag_stat_combine(self, pattern):
        if ':' in pattern:
            pattern, title = pattern.rsplit(':', 1)
            title = ''
        return self._format_tag_patterns(pattern), title

    def _format_tag_patterns(self, pattern):
        for search, replace in [('&', 'AND'), ('AND', ' AND '), ('OR', ' OR '),
                                ('NOT', ' NOT '), ('_', ' ')]:
            if search in pattern:
                pattern = pattern.replace(search, replace)
        while '  ' in pattern:
            pattern = pattern.replace('  ', ' ')
        if pattern.startswith(' NOT'):
            pattern = pattern[1:]
        return pattern

    def _process_tag_stat_link(self, value):
        tokens = value.split(':')
        if len(tokens) >= 3:
            return tokens[0], ':'.join(tokens[1:-1]), tokens[-1]
        raise DataError("Invalid format for option '--tagstatlink'. "
                        "Expected 'tag:link:title' but got '%s'." % value)

    def _convert_to_positive_integer_or_default(self, name, value):
        value = self._convert_to_integer(name, value)
        return value if value > 0 else self._get_default_value(name)

    def _convert_to_integer(self, name, value):
            return int(value)
        except ValueError:
            raise DataError("Option '--%s' expected integer value but got '%s'."
                            % (name.lower(), value))

    def _get_default_value(self, name):
        return self._cli_opts[name][1]

    def _validate_remove_keywords(self, values):
        for value in values:
            except DataError as err:
                raise DataError("Invalid value for option '--removekeywords'. %s" % err)

    def _validate_flatten_keywords(self, values):
        except DataError as err:
            raise DataError("Invalid value for option '--flattenkeywords'. %s" % err)

    def _validate_expandkeywords(self, values):
        for opt in values:
            if not opt.lower().startswith(('name:', 'tag:')):
                raise DataError("Invalid value for option '--expandkeywords'. "
                                "Expected 'TAG:<pattern>', or "
                                "'NAME:<pattern>' but got '%s'." % opt)

    def __contains__(self, setting):
        return setting in self._cli_opts

    def __str__(self):
        return '\n'.join('%s: %s' % (name, self._opts[name])
                         for name in sorted(self._opts))

    def output_directory(self):
        return self['OutputDir']

    def output(self):
        return self['Output']

    def log(self):
        return self['Log']

    def report(self):
        return self['Report']

    def xunit(self):
        return self['XUnit']

    def log_level(self):
        return self['LogLevel']

    def split_log(self):
        return self['SplitLog']

    def status_rc(self):
        return self['StatusRC']

    def statistics_config(self):
        return {
            'suite_stat_level': self['SuiteStatLevel'],
            'tag_stat_include': self['TagStatInclude'],
            'tag_stat_exclude': self['TagStatExclude'],
            'tag_stat_combine': self['TagStatCombine'],
            'tag_stat_link': self['TagStatLink'],
            'tag_doc': self['TagDoc'],

    def critical_tags(self):
        return self['Critical']

    def remove_keywords(self):
        return self['RemoveKeywords']

    def flatten_keywords(self):
        return self['FlattenKeywords']

    def pre_rebot_modifiers(self):
        return self['PreRebotModifiers']

    def console_colors(self):
        return self['ConsoleColors']

    def rpa(self):
        return self['RPA']

    def rpa(self, value):
        self['RPA'] = value

[docs]class RobotSettings(_BaseSettings): _extra_cli_opts = {'Extension' : ('extension', ('robot',)), 'Output' : ('output', 'output.xml'), 'LogLevel' : ('loglevel', 'INFO'), 'MaxErrorLines' : ('maxerrorlines', 40), 'DryRun' : ('dryrun', False), 'ExitOnFailure' : ('exitonfailure', False), 'ExitOnError' : ('exitonerror', False), 'Skip' : ('skip', []), 'SkipOnFailure' : ('skiponfailure', []), 'SkipTeardownOnExit' : ('skipteardownonexit', False), 'Randomize' : ('randomize', 'NONE'), 'RunEmptySuite' : ('runemptysuite', False), 'Variables' : ('variable', []), 'VariableFiles' : ('variablefile', []), 'PreRunModifiers' : ('prerunmodifier', []), 'Listeners' : ('listener', []), 'ConsoleType' : ('console', 'verbose'), 'ConsoleTypeDotted' : ('dotted', False), 'ConsoleTypeQuiet' : ('quiet', False), 'ConsoleWidth' : ('consolewidth', 78), 'ConsoleMarkers' : ('consolemarkers', 'AUTO'), 'DebugFile' : ('debugfile', None)}
[docs] def get_rebot_settings(self): settings = RebotSettings() settings.start_timestamp = self.start_timestamp settings._opts.update(self._opts) for name in ['Variables', 'VariableFiles', 'Listeners']: del(settings._opts[name]) for name in ['Include', 'Exclude', 'TestNames', 'SuiteNames', 'Metadata']: settings._opts[name] = [] for name in ['Name', 'Doc']: settings._opts[name] = None settings._opts['Output'] = None settings._opts['LogLevel'] = 'TRACE' settings._opts['ProcessEmptySuite'] = self['RunEmptySuite'] settings._opts['ExpandKeywords'] = self['ExpandKeywords'] return settings
def _output_disabled(self): return self.output is None def _escape_doc(self, value): return escape(value) @property def listeners(self): return self['Listeners'] @property def debug_file(self): return self['DebugFile'] @property def suite_config(self): return { 'name': self['Name'], 'doc': self['Doc'], 'metadata': dict(self['Metadata']), 'set_tags': self['SetTag'], 'include_tags': self['Include'], 'exclude_tags': self['Exclude'], 'include_suites': self['SuiteNames'], 'include_tests': self['TestNames'], 'empty_suite_ok': self.run_empty_suite, 'randomize_suites': self.randomize_suites, 'randomize_tests': self.randomize_tests, 'randomize_seed': self.randomize_seed, } @property def randomize_seed(self): return self['Randomize'][1] @property def randomize_suites(self): return self['Randomize'][0] in ('suites', 'all') @property def randomize_tests(self): return self['Randomize'][0] in ('tests', 'all') @property def dry_run(self): return self['DryRun'] @property def exit_on_failure(self): return self['ExitOnFailure'] @property def exit_on_error(self): return self['ExitOnError'] @property def skipped_tags(self): return self['Skip'] @property def skip_on_failure(self): return (self['SkipOnFailure'] or []) + (self['NonCritical'] or []) @property def skip_teardown_on_exit(self): return self['SkipTeardownOnExit'] @property def console_output_config(self): return { 'type': self.console_type, 'width': self.console_width, 'colors': self.console_colors, 'markers': self.console_markers, 'stdout': self['StdOut'], 'stderr': self['StdErr'] } @property def console_type(self): if self['ConsoleTypeQuiet']: return 'quiet' if self['ConsoleTypeDotted']: return 'dotted' return self['ConsoleType'] @property def console_width(self): return self['ConsoleWidth'] @property def console_markers(self): return self['ConsoleMarkers'] @property def max_error_lines(self): return self['MaxErrorLines'] @property def pre_run_modifiers(self): return self['PreRunModifiers'] @property def run_empty_suite(self): return self['RunEmptySuite'] @property def variables(self): return self['Variables'] @property def variable_files(self): return self['VariableFiles'] @property def extension(self): return self['Extension']
[docs]class RebotSettings(_BaseSettings): _extra_cli_opts = {'Output' : ('output', None), 'LogLevel' : ('loglevel', 'TRACE'), 'ProcessEmptySuite' : ('processemptysuite', False), 'StartTime' : ('starttime', None), 'EndTime' : ('endtime', None), 'Merge' : ('merge', False)} def _output_disabled(self): return False @property def suite_config(self): return { 'name': self['Name'], 'doc': self['Doc'], 'metadata': dict(self['Metadata']), 'set_tags': self['SetTag'], 'include_tags': self['Include'], 'exclude_tags': self['Exclude'], 'include_suites': self['SuiteNames'], 'include_tests': self['TestNames'], 'empty_suite_ok': self.process_empty_suite, 'remove_keywords': self.remove_keywords, 'log_level': self['LogLevel'], 'start_time': self['StartTime'], 'end_time': self['EndTime'] } @property def log_config(self): if not self.log: return {} return { 'rpa': self.rpa, 'title': html_escape(self['LogTitle'] or ''), 'reportURL': self._url_from_path(self.log,, 'splitLogBase': os.path.basename(os.path.splitext(self.log)[0]), 'defaultLevel': self['VisibleLogLevel'] } @property def report_config(self): if not return {} return { 'rpa': self.rpa, 'title': html_escape(self['ReportTitle'] or ''), 'logURL': self._url_from_path(, self.log), 'background' : self._resolve_background_colors() } def _url_from_path(self, source, destination): if not destination: return None return get_link_path(destination, os.path.dirname(source)) def _resolve_background_colors(self): colors = self['ReportBackground'] return {'pass': colors[0], 'fail': colors[1], 'skip': colors[2]} @property def merge(self): return self['Merge'] @property def console_output_config(self): return { 'colors': self.console_colors, 'stdout': self['StdOut'], 'stderr': self['StdErr'] } @property def process_empty_suite(self): return self['ProcessEmptySuite'] @property def expand_keywords(self): return self['ExpandKeywords']