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close() - Method in class org.robotframework.RobotRunner
Cleans up the Jython interpreter.


main(String[]) - Static method in class org.robotframework.RobotFramework
Entry point when used as a main program.


org.robotframework - package org.robotframework


RobotFramework - Class in org.robotframework
Entry point for using Robot Framework from Java programs.
RobotFramework() - Constructor for class org.robotframework.RobotFramework
RobotPythonRunner - Interface in org.robotframework
Interface used by RobotRunner internally to construct the Robot Framework Python class.
RobotRunner - Class in org.robotframework
AutoCloseable Interface class that internally creates a Jython interpreter, allows running Robot tests with it, and cleans up the interpreter afterwards in close.
RobotRunner() - Constructor for class org.robotframework.RobotRunner
run(String[]) - Static method in class org.robotframework.RobotFramework
Runs Robot Framework.
run(String[]) - Method in interface org.robotframework.RobotPythonRunner
run(String[]) - Method in class org.robotframework.RobotRunner
Runs the tests, but does not cleanup the interpreter afterwards.
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